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Testimonials from past customers of

Fun Gift

""What a fun gift to give for a family. Any piece candy works and it's fun to give the machine as well as the favorite candy(M&M's Reeces Pieces)to a friend or family."" —Edith — Carousel Gumball Machine

Giant Gummy Bear

""This is awesome! Didn't know a gummy bear so large existed. Cannot wait to surprise my gummy bear-addicted boy with it on Christmas morning. He WILL believe in Santa."" —Lisa — World's Largest Gummy Bears

Glad to Find it

""I had one of these candy frames years ago and ended up giving it away. I'm glad you still have them 'cause I missed it!!"" —Debbie, Orlando, FL — Handy Candy Frame

Great Products

""Candymachine company has great products for an amazing price!! Also has a wide variety to chose from. Loved the website!"" —Mary, Berea, KY — 4 Way Combo

Love This Candy

""I LOVE THIS CANDY!!!!!"" —Courtney, Wichita, KS — Chewy Spree

Sharing The Love

""A few of the girls from school brought these yummy bears for our gummies-bear obsessed physics teacher and he shared them w the class but ate a whole blue berry one by himself! They taste amazing and I'm hoping my fiancé loves it too. Just sharing the love!"" —Lidia, Ceres, CA — Giant Gummy Bears

Highly Satisfied

""VERY GOOD SERVICE, HIGHLY SATISFIED."" —Larry, Clarksville, TN — Mike & Ike - Bag

Easy to Order

""it was too easy to order. thank you"" —Martha, Chula Vista, CA — Fast Food Erasers Vending Capsules

Good Prices for New Business

""It's my first purchase with'm excited with my new business. You have very good prices and good products."" —Benjamin, Chula Vista, CA — Eye Poppers Vending Capsules

Highly Satisfied

""these balls are great for use as a Mardi Gras throw. The kids love them. Unbelievable how far they go for being so light weight. Inflating is easy- just need a simple air pump and needle."" —Thomas, Kenner, LA — Knobby Balls

Best Prices

""So far the prices are the best on"" —Chelsea, Durham, NC — Skittles Candy - 40 lbs.

Cheapest Price

""this product is awesome cheapest price for great products"" —Jack, Champlin, MN — Ninjas Vending Capsules

Informative Website

""I found this website to be very informative. All pertinent information was provided to make the decision process easy and accurate."" —Frank, Canfield, OH — Solid Color Assorted - 850 count Gumballs

Fresh Product

""All product purchased have been fresh and very tasty. recommend buying from candy"" —Miles, Ridgefield, CT — Bubble King Classic Soft Chew - Tub of Gumballs

Free Shipping Promo

""I really appreciated the easy access to the site from the main page of google. Likewise, the ad was very forth coming about your free shipping promo. These are all the reasons I chose to purchase from"" —Kate, Sanford, FL — Small Gumball Bank w/Gumballs - FREE SHIPPING

Refills Keep Her Smiling

""My daughter received the gumball stand for Christmas and LOVES it! The refills of junior gumballs by the pound have been a perfect way to keep her smiling!"" —Julie, Sussex, WI — Gourmet Jelly Beans - Tub

Variety of Gumball Options

"" is easy to use and a wide variety of gumball options!"" —Heather, Anthem, AZ — Gumballs By The Pound

Timely Response

""I am pleased with the response I received in a very timely manner."" —Harvey, Gastonia, NC — Bank Replacement Glass Globes

User Friendly Website

""New to the vending business great to see good prices excellent choices and a website that is very user friendly"" —Kimberly, Greenville, PA — Vending Capsules - 2 inch Toy Filled

Try Jawlipops

""Jawlipops are a great product with hours of enjoyment. I highly recommend trying these for your business."" —Robert, Mansfield, TX — Jawlipop (No Gum), Asst. Tub

Return Customer

""I was very pleased with my purchase. Thank you Also I am a returning customer."" —Sue, Douglasville, GA — 1"" Toy Filled Vending Capsules

Ordering was a Breeze

""ordering from you website was a breeze"" —Greogory, Houston, TX — Carousel Gumballs Refill - 62 oz

Exactly What I Needed

""Your company is wonderful! You had exactly what i needed. Thanks"" —Maria, Trumbull, CT — Gumballs By The Pound - White Gumballs

Eyeball Gumballs for Monster Theme

""Eyeball gum balls is a great product to put in monster theme candy baskets!!"" —Jamie, Brooklyn, NY — Gumballs By The Pound - Eyeballs

Good Seller

""Your products sell very well in our 25 cent vending machines. Thank You!"" —Kenneth, Shipshewana, IN — General Toy Mix Round Filled Capsules

Best Gumballs Ever

""These gum balls are the best we have ever order."" —Peggy, Jackson, TN — Super Mix - Tub of Gumballs

Wonderful Customer Service

""The customer service at is wonderful. The young lady I spoke to was patient, helpful, and very friendly, making it easy for a first timer like me."" —Janice, Upper Marlboro, MD — Sqwishland Swamp Vending Capsules

Superior Product

""I have found this product to be superior in quality to all I have tried. Service from the company is as expected"" —Clint, Gering, NE — Solid Color Assorted - 3650 count Gumballs


""This is going to be a lot of fun."" —Ryan, Peoeia, AZ — Assorted 27mm Super Bouncy Balls 250 ct

Best Prices

""Best prices ever!!!!"" —Patricia, Hidalgo, TX — Bonz Candy

Awesome Site, Best Price

""OMG this site is awesome. The very best price for Skittles on the planet. You Rock!!! Thank you so much."" —Janet, Albany, OR — Skittles Candy - 40 lbs.

Easy Site, Exceptional Products

""This is an easy site to navigate. The products look exceptional."" —Mary, Nevada, IA — Solid Color Assorted - 850 count Gumballs

Customers Come Back

""These gumballs are great! Customers come back for more & more!"" —Tracey, Ray, MI — Solid Color Assorted - 1430 count Gumballs

Great for Business and Personal Needs

""I have used with several of my companies and now want some things for personal use. The customer service and products are always #1."" —Karla, Muldoon, TX — /Mint Vending Machine

Happy With Purchase

""This website had the best prices around...very happy with my purchase!"" —Jill, Franklin Square, NY — Solid Color Assorted - 850 count Gumballs

Energy Booster

""Love the candies, we have it in our school and the students and staff love it. It's a great energy booster!!"" —Syed, Catonsville, MD — Fun in the Sun Gum Tabs

Popular with Kids

""Adopt a Puppy items are sold in my place of business. They are so popular with the kids."" —Pritpaul, Garnet Valley, PA — Adopt a Puppy Series 3 Vending Capsules

Excellent Price

""I've been wanting to order gumballs for a machine I have at home but other companies were too expensive. We can't wait to try them and the price is excellent."" —Janet, Louisville, KY — Solid Color Assorted - 850 count Gumballs

Fantastic Seller

""This is a fantastic seller in our store. We have a pet store and everyone gets a real kick out of the fish in the candy machines. We are always getting asked if these are for people or animals!"" —Regina, Poplar Bluff, MO — Aquarium Fish Candy

Easy Ordering

""was very pleased with your prices and the ease of placing an order."" —Dedra, Cleveland, TN — Solid Color Assorted - 850 count Gumballs

Coolest Giant Gummy Candy

""This is the coolest site for giant gummy candy!!!"" —Teri, Milford, MA — World's Largest Gummy Bears

Motivational Prizes

""These are hugely popular with my elementary school students. I highly recommend them for motivational prizes!"" —Margaret, Syosset, NY — Sqwishland Glow in the Dark Zoo Vending Capsules

Great for Business

""I use these gumballs for my vending business that I just started. These gumballs are a great seller and don't cost much which gives me a large profit."" —Michael, Carlsbad, CA — Solid Color Assorted - 850 count Gumballs

Cheapest Price

""Candy was without a doubt the cheapest price I could find on this product. Thanks for your help."" —Rodger, Maplewood, MO — Bank Replacement Glass Globes

Great Company

""I've heard great things about this company and I'm looking forward to working with you"" —Julie, Kingman, AZ — Triple Shop Gumball and Candy Machine

Bulk Price

""My girlfriend loves gumballs and I finally found a place where I can get them in bulk at a great price!"" —David, Huntsville, AL — Solid Color Assorted - 850 count Gumballs

Very Good Product

""very good product"" —Emilio, Roswell, GA — Sugar Sticker Tattoos

Easy Online Ordering

""Easy online ordering! It took me seconds! Thanks!"" —Adam, Flower Mound, TX — Pro Vending Machine Double-Head

Easy and Quick Ordering


Thorough Product Descriptions

"" has a great selection, very thorough product descriptions, and an easy-to-use online ordering process. I can't wait to get our gumball machines for the office!"" —Gina, Lexington, KY — Bubble Machine

Easy to Use Website

""Web site is easy to use and responds quickly. A good place to place orders."" —Pat, Georgetown, TX — Gumball Tubs


""Great product!"" —Maureen, Alberta, Canada — Medium Candy/Gumball Bank - Silver

Love the Selection

""I am excited to receive these gumballs. I love the selection you have on your website. I am ordering these for my son's 3rd grade classroom. They have a great teacher and motivates them with gumballs. My son is so excited to take these into school."" —Amy, Salina, KS — Gumball Tubs

Nice and Easy

""I LOVE HOW EASY THE SITE IS, AND HOW EASY IT IS TO ORDER THE PRODUCTS. NICE JOB."" —Cindy, Saranac Lake, NY — Skull and Bones Bulk Candy

Great Vending Supplies

""this is a very easy way to get great vending supplies!!!!!!!!!!!"" —Thomas, North Easton, MA — Gumballs By The Pound

Exactly What I Was Looking For

""It is so nice to come to a site and find exactly what I was looking for. I will be a return customer!"" —Sherri, Jacksonville, FL — Bubble King Soft Chew Gumballs w/Logo

Nice and Elegant

""I love your website! I was looking for a gumball machine that would look nice and elegant and i think i found it. Im very excited about this item. And i can't wait to receive it!"" —Virginia, Perth Amboy, NJ — Small Candy/Gumball Bank - Silver

Cute and Reasonable

""I love this gumball machine. I have not found anything to come close to being this cute and very reasonable. Thank you for making it a pleasant shopping exp."" —Jackie, Denham Springs, LA — Candy & Gumball Banks

Best Price, Easiest Website

""I have searched online for days and has been the best price and the easiest website to order from. Glad I googled your company!!!"" —Dana, Callahan, FL — Royal Blue Sixlets Candy Coated Chocolate Balls


""I have used many times to fill my son's gumball machine. He loves the array of colors provided in the tubs, and I love the convenience of not overbuying what I need. And of course, they taste great!"" —Debra, West Hartford, CT — Gumball Tubs

Wow Factor

""these giant bears have the same taste and quality as their tiny cousins and what a ""wow"" factor as a gift! Love them!"" —Ann, Happy Valley, OR — Giant Gummy Bears - Pick 3 Mix and Match

Prompt Service, Great Website

""prompt service and a great website with a wide selection to choose from"" . —Leah, Brooklyn, NY — 2"" Empty Acorn Capsules

Love Gumballs

""Loved the website!!"" —Cathy, College Station, TX — Gumballs By The Pound

AAA Quality

""Candy has provided me with exceptional candy at a great price. Products I've purchased from them have always been delivered on time and always AAA Quality. Thanks Candy Machines"" —Winston, Gallatin, TX — Chicle Tabs Gum

Exactly What I Needed

""I was so happy I found this site. I needed vending machine capsules, but everywhere I looked, shipping was twice the price of the capsules! This site is cheap and had exactly what I needed."" —Kelly, Aurora, CO — Empty Round Capsules

Great Selection

""this website has a great selection and variety of products as well as sizes and is awesome for my needs!"" —Stephanie, Broadview Hts., OH — Gumballs By The Pound

Great Display

""Outrageous! Looks absolutely great on the stand displayed in the kitchen. Makes a great conversation piece and the kids just LOVE it!"" —Lori Ann, Clifton, NJ — Large Gumball Bank with Stand

New Loyal Customer

""I will look forward to ordering from your website for years to come!"" —Bob, Maiden, NC — Gumballs By The Pound - Baseball

Fast Shipping

""The customer service was great. The shipping was as fast as a provider in Canada. The gum was fresh and EXACTLY what I ordered."" —Philip, Ontario, Canada — Great Grape Gumballs

Repeat Customer

""I have ordered from this company in the past. Good service."" —Jan, Midland, TX — Vending Capsules - 2 inch Toy Filled

Reasonable Price

""The website is easy to navigate and the products are reasonably priced I look forward to receiving the candy machine and putting it to use."" —Marci, Windsor, CO — Pro Vending Machine Single Stand

Best Variety

""I have been looking for refills for my daughter's gumball machine, and this was the cheapest and best variety of gumballs that I have found on the internet."" —Kimberly, Mays Landing, NJ — Solid Color Assorted - 850 count Gumballs

User Friendly Website

"" has a user friendly site! Competitive prices."" —Ali, Islip, NY — Bank Replacement Glass Globes

By Far, The Best

"by far the best prices on the net" —Buddy, Callahan, FL — 1"" Toy Filled Vending Capsules

Great Site

""I'm ordering from this site, because they're great!"" —Ilene, St. Albans, NY — Gumball Candy Snack Dispenser Pink, 9.5""

Great for Business

""Thank you for helping supply my growing business with your arsenal of new product!"" —Ethen, Hermiston, OR — Chicle Tabs Gum

Best Selection

""Best pricing and selection on the Web!!"" —Michelle, Mooresville, NC — Gumballs By Color

Tubs and Bulk Sizes

""The website was very user friendly and one of the few sites that offered tubs of candy instead of bulk sizes only. Thanks!"" —Ova, Cheraw, SC — Gumball Tubs

Great Value & Selection

""Was great value and selection. Was happy I stumbled upon this site."" —Curtis, Port Richey, FL — Gumballs By The Pound

Easy and Reasonable

""very easy to order and prices are reasonable-thanks"" —Michelle, Mooresville, NC — Gumballs By Color

Great for Vending Machines

""This candy is great for use in vending machines. Will do all of my buying from this company."" —Debra, Portage, IN — Chicle Tabs Gum

Good Quality

""fantastic products, good quality! the kids love them."" —Michael, Oxford, MI — Fuzzy Face Moustaches Vending Capsules